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Webinar Series: Pursuing Telehealth Reimbursement

By Tess Meehan

On March 5th, 2020, HRS Director of Reimbursement, Gerald Buggs, MSJ, and HRS VP of Clinical Services, Patty Upham, hosted part II of the webinar series, Pursuing Telehealth Reimbursement. During the webinar, Patty and Gerald took a closer look at risk arrangements, private pay telehealth programs, and negotiating commercial partnerships, presenting Patty's recent experience ad Director of Complex Care at FirstHealth of the Carolinas. 

Watch Part II On-DemandDownload the Part II Presentation Deck

On February 13th, Gerald Buggs, MSJ hosted part I of the webinar series providing an overview of the current and future reimbursement landscape for telehealth. Part I reviewed CMS billing, including staffing and structural requirements and critical data to collect in order to successfully bill CMS.

Here, you can access the presentation deck for part I of the webinar series, and below, you can watch the recording on-demand.

Watch Part I On-Demand


Tags: disease management, telehealth, telemedicine, Webinar, reimbursement

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At HRS, we understand how daunting it may seem to launch a telehealth program, that's why we've put together a best practices guide to help you succeed!

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